Whether for office buildings, residences, industrial or commercial buildings or service buildings like logistics centres, hotels, retirement homes, serviced residences, nurseries, schools or auditoriums, we provide all our project partners with a collaboration based on advanced skills and expertise; and we take every measure to ensure the perfect execution of their projects.


We benefit from our vast experience in all sorts of building renovation, transformation and expansion. Whether vacant or occupied (hospitals, schools, social housing complexes), we leverage our management and expertise on every project.

Property restoration

Through our unique expertise in restoring monuments, whether registered or not, public or private, we ensure high quality restoration on every project. Our wide network of passionate local craftspeople, such as stone masons, wood or ironworkers, carpenters or other trades workers combine to offer quality work that complies with the high standards required when restoring registered buildings, while integrating technological, energy and sustainable innovations.

Special techniques

hrough our new MULTITEC division, we have expanded our level of expertise to complement our role in construction. Our sanitary, ventilation, heating and air conditioning specialists remain attentive to the needs of our partners.