SOCATRA SA is a family-based general contracting company founded in 1967. The company operates in the residential, commercial and tertiary sectors, with both private and public contracts.

In the name of the SA SOCATRA management committee and the board of directors, we affirm our will to apply a company policy that ensures quality, respect for the environment and the health and safety of our employees. This policy meets the requirements of current laws and standards, with the idea of continually improving our organisation to best satisfy the needs of the various interested parties working with our company, and to be more attentive to specific client needs.

Our values

Commitment from all employees is essential.
Each person is responsible for self-monitoring in order to ensure compliance with activities. Site management will plan monitoring depending on the specificities of the sites and the risks that have been identified.

SOCATRA is founded on motivation,
trust, respect,
solidarity and valuing individual initiative. The physical integrity of all staff and third parties is a priority.


The company’s management is also committed to setting up an efficient and scalable management system based on the control of processes and the analysis of risks and opportunities.

It provides support to the process managers and all employees so that they contribute to the efficiency of the processes. It also guarantees the availability of the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the management system.


Monitoring the impact of our activities in respect of the environment is also paramount.


The company ensures the quality of the works carried out by relying on its Method departement with the help of engineers (Stability, Special Techniques, and control)